Benefits of Hosting a League

Benefits of Hosting a League

We will promote your league through,, and send email blasts out on the league. The initial email blast will announce the league being sanctioned with USSSA and all the benefits teams will receive because of it.

1. All teams in the league will receive 100 USSSA Points.

2. If there are 6 or more teams in the league, all teams qualify for USSSA Insurance at a 25% discount. This will save your teams at least $25 for a full years worth of insurance. Leagues must send in all teams that will purchase USSSA at one time.

3. Possibility of having your organization host a USSSA State Championship. The USSSA State Office is always very open to helping out leagues that run quality events, which can become a great fundraiser for your league.

4. We can set a minimum number of players from the league be selected to participate in the USSSA Tri-State All-Star Weekend and other Amateur Baseball Report’s All-Star Events.

5. We can run tournaments for your league which would act as a fundraiser.

6. We can sell baseballs and other equipment to the league teams. With the volume of USSSA teams being so high we cut deals with Bownet and other companies.

7. Teams in your league will all receive a $50 credit for a Premier Sports event. Premier Sports is the State office for USSSA and we run events out of the Chicagoland area, and Wisconsin.The $50 credit is in place to offset the team sanction fees. A full list of these events can be found later this fall on

8. USSSA is the biggest travel baseball organization in the country. The USSSA Illinois, and Wisconsin Office had 2,000 teams sanction in 2017 (and over 60,000 teams sanction Nationally). By being a sanctioned league the USSSA State Office will do everything we can to help the league grow and help the teams and players in your league.