Hosting an USSSA Event

Hosting an USSSA Event Information

Any organization interested in hosting a tournament must contact the state office. General fees for the State and World Series Qualifiers include a $100 National Fee as well as a per team fee $25. Also, all teams in a USSSA tournament must be sanctioned USSSA (the team's responsibility). If interested in hosting a USSSA Qualifying or State Tournament please contact the state office (708-719-4120) for fees and regulations. If hosting a tournament, then your tournament will be marketed on the USSSA Website, USSSA IL Baseball website, and emailed to our entire database of teams.

Benefits of hosting a tournament:

  • We sell baseballs, at cost, to our tournaments. This will save you at least $5 per box of a dozen balls.
  • The use of the USSSA logo. The USSSA name will instantly give your tournaments more prestige and recognition throughout the state and region.
  • Through USSSA we will market your tournaments to our entire database of teams in order to bring in teams from all over the Midwest.
  • Potential for a USSSA State Tournament and other big events.
  • The tournament will be able to use's tournament website page. This will give the tournament director a website to place scores, brackets, and updates for the tournament. A tournament website is a must nowadays.
  • Economic Impact: Tournaments that are sanctioned USSSA have brought in a large amount of economic impact to tournament locations. Bringing in teams from out of state will only help that. By providing the city with this impact they will be more likely to help out your organization in the future.
  • USSSA will be able to help with questions about formatting, guaranteed games, bracket play, etc. Just ask.
  • A sanctioned USSSA tournament will act as a fundraiser. USSSA has a reputation of quality tournaments across the country. A sanctioned USSSA tournament will have the ability to draw more teams because of USSSA sanctioned teams seeking these tournaments. With our marketing efforts we will bring in more teams and therefore make the tournament directors more money that can be used to fund baseball programs, ballpark upgrades, equipment needs, jerseys, and more.